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Image by Dear Jenna Photography, 2022


Born and raised in Western Maine on her family’s 200 year old farm, Whitney was privileged to be raised by artists who nurtured her creative growth. She attended the University of Maine at Augusta with a focus in ceramics, quickly becoming acquainted with local artists and organizations, such as Maine Crafts Association, where she began working in 2013. Whitney now works as Executive Director of partner organizations, Shop Maine Craft and Maine Crafts Association.  

With a focus on function, Whitney throws white clay on the wheel into simple forms and decorates with bold brushstrokes, stencils, and sgraffito. Her surfaces hold intuitive movement and gentle repetition with hints of bright color. She works in small series and sells them at local craft shows, markets, galleries, and annual open studio events at her home in Bowdoin, Maine. 

Whitney has always admired the artist's way of life and the creative magic that can be found in the solitude of rural places. She seeks and finds inspiration in rushing streams and underwater reflections, stacked stones, mossy logs, vivid sunsets, rolling hills and long shadows, exploring the ways our bodies interact with these special moments in a landscape that is ever changing.




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