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Image by Dear Jenna Photography, 2022


Whitney Gill's life journey reflects intricate pathways of creativity and artistic influence. Her focus lies in functional ceramics, shaping white clay into simple forms adorned with bold brushstrokes, stencils, and sgraffito. Whitney's pieces exhibit intuitive movement, gentle repetition, and vibrant colors. She creates small series that she sells at various local venues, including craft shows, markets, galleries, and open studio events at her home in Bowdoin, Maine. Whitney is deeply involved in the craft community and currently serves as the Executive Director of partner organizations Maine Crafts Association and Shop Maine Craft


Whitney's inspiration stems from the artists' way of life and magic found in rural places. Her muses include rushing streams, underwater reflections, stacked stones, mossy logs, vivid sunsets, rolling hills, and long shadows. Through her work, she explores the deep connection between our bodies and the singular moments in a landscape that is ever changing.




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